Building handles with wrist fitting

Handles with wrist fitting or Nils straps are an invention by Nils Delacourt. These are shaped to fit exactly around your wrists, thus preventing them from sliding or even dropping out of your grip.

1. Fold one end of nylon ribbon over 100 mm.

2. Hold this in place with paper tape at 75 mm from the edge.

3. Slide the other part of the ribbon next to the paper tape, keep a loop open.

4. Adapt the loop in size to allow your hand to slide through.

5. Unfold the nylon and measure the length, allowing you to cut the ribbon at the right length.

6. Cut the ribbon with a soldering iron.

7. Put the side you just cutted next to the paper tape.

8. Sew the parts together as explained here on the left side.

Watch Out: The sewing is done at 1 to 1,5 mm from the edge.

9. Remove the paper tape WITHOUT lifting the foot of the sewing machine.

10. Sew the remainder of the handle according to step 7 and knot the 4 threads together.

11. Insert the rope with the use of a stopper needle twice through the opening.

12. Make a knot using both ends of the rope.

Cut the ends at 5 mm and burn the knot tight.

13. Repeat all this for the other handle.

Watch out: Both handles should be exactly the same length.