Building the kite

We will build the kite in 4 steps. You can click on each step:

The first step is making the sail. In 20 steps we'll show you one of the ways to make a sail for a trick kite. There are many ways how to build a kite, here we stick with the easiest way. Later, when you get skilled in building kites, you will no doubt develop your own style of working and building. :-)

Then we will make the frame. We will show you how to saw the spars and how to put all the connectors in place. Finally we show you how to get the spars into and onto the kite the easy way.

The third step is how to make the bridle and how to knot the bridle to the frame. You will learn all the special (easy!) knots we use to hold the bridle in place.

Concluding we explain about how to put weight into your kite's tail to have that special balance during flight that allows all those amazing tricks.

Start building the sail.