The Plans Le Quartz

Le Quartz

As a start in trick kite building, I recommend the Le Quartz designed by Christian Derefat. Christian is one of the best pilots in Belgium (4 times Belgium champion!) and he has designed a lot of well known trick kites: Le Virus, Le Karma, Le neutron, "L'Organic", "Le Vortex", "Le Diablis" and "Le Monster". We are very grateful towards Christian for allowing us to use his trick kite Le Quartz in this website.

The blueprints of Christian Derefat are (opposed to a lot of others on the web) very reliable. The kite you'll build will certainly be a very good trick kite! You can download the plan in 3 versions. On this website you can only find the simplified version of Le Quartz .

Documents to download

The building plans

The templates : au PDF format in A0 size

The order list: PDF format. This document lists all the parts to build one kite. You can use that to easily order all you need to build your own kite!

The colorizer : it is a picture with the Icarex colors. You can download this picture and test color combinations with an image editor.

Looking for other models?

You can find other sources of kite plans in the links.