Building standard handles

Standard handles or basics straps are made of small nylon ribbons that are folded and stitched together at the top side. At the top is also a piece of rope with a knot, allowing us to connect our flying lines with a simple lark's head.

1. Cut 2 nylon ribbons at 400 mm length with the soldering iron.

2. Fold one end over at 35 mm.

3. Put the other end on top of the folded part at 10 mm from the edge. Both ends are 25 mm together.

4. Put the ends together with paper tape at 35 mm from the edge of the shortest end.

5. Sew the parts together, using the method explained on the left here.

Watch Out: The sewing is done at 1 to 1,5 mm from the edge.

6. Remove the paper tape.

7. Insert the rope with the use of a stopper needle twice through the opening.

8. Make a knot using both ends of the rope.

Cut the ends at 5 mm and burn the knot tight.

9. Repeat all this for the other handle.

Watch out: Both handles should be exactly the same length.