Frame - Spars

Sky shark P90 - P400

Barres P

Because of their light weight and firm structure these are ideal to use with trick kites. With 95% of all trick kites you will find these in the leading edges. The spars are only 82,6 cm long, so we need per leading edge two spars and one ferrule.

Depending on version and wind power we have these subdivisions:

name kite version weight Length
P90 Super ultra light 10,5 gr 82,6 cm
P100 Ultra light 13 gr 82,6 cm
P200 Standard 14,5 gr 82,6 cm
P300 Standard 17 gr 82,6 cm
P400 Vented 18,5 gr 82,6 cm

Sky shark 2PT- 7PT


Mainly used as lower spreader but can also be used as leading edge or spine. These lighter spars have a cone-shape and are screw-like in structure. That makes them very useful to keep the frame in shape during the tricks.

These spars can be bought in lengths of 101,6 cm, that's ideal to be used as a spine. The only disadvantage is that the screw-structure is making the flying lines wear out soon by rubbing over the structure during tricks.

Depending on version and wind power we have these subdivisions:

name kite version weight length
2PT Super ultra light - indoor 9 gr 82,6 cm - 101,6cm
3PT Ultra light 12,5 gr 82,6 cm - 101,6cm
5PT Standard 15 gr 82,6 cm - 101,6cm
7PT Standard 20 gr 82,6 cm - 101,6cm

Sky shark 3PT- 7PT Black Diamond

Black Diamond

This is an improved version of the PT and has 20% more stiffness and is finished off very smooth (no perceptible structure), so the flying lines don't wear out.

Depending on version and wind power we have these subdivisions:

name kite version weight length
3PT Ultra light 12 gr 82,6 cm
5PT Standard 15 gr 82,6 cm
7PT Standard 20 gr 82,6 cm

Icone spars


As far as we know, ICONE spars are no longer in production since 2006. Too bad. You may find a couple of them somewhere in local stores, if you are lucky.

From the brand ICONE. These were designed for use in trick kites. ICONE had 3 versions adapted to the kite version and wind strenght on the market. The spars were a little bit thicker than Sky Sharks which made them stronger in bend condition and more reactive. The pilot has more 'feel' for the kite and is more connected to what the kite does, in smooth as well as in aggressive maneuvers.

name kite version weight length
yellow Indoor, Super ultra light 9 gr 83 cm
red Super ultra light, Ultra light 12 gr 83 cm
white Standard, Vented 15 gr 83 cm



These are bars out of glass fiber or carbon that are used to connect two spars to each other.

Watch Out: when ordering ferrules, keep in mind that the diameter from SkyShark spars is not the same as Icone spars.

Carbon hollow

Barres creuses en carbone

These are the standard carbon spars you can buy in any kite shop. The common measures are: 4, 5, 6, 8 en 10mm. We recommend the spars "CFK extreme" from the brand EXEL because they are the stiffest on the market.


Are used in diameters 2 or 3 mm, as stand-off.

You know all about rods! Now you can find out about small parts and connectors.