Building indoor or low wind handles

Indoor or low wind handles are also called "finger straps" because there are 2 openings where you put two fingers in. Some prefer to use the point and middle finger, others swear by pinkie and ring finger. Test it out to see what you like best! These straps are very short, to prevent the weight of the handles having a bad influence on the light flying lines.

1. Cut 2 nylon ribbons at 340 mm with a soldering iron.

2. Put both ends on each other and sew them thight at 1,5 mm from the edge.

3. Turn the ribbon inside out, the ends should be on the inside now.

4. Press the handle together. The ends of the handle should be at 10 mm from the fold, to keep an opening for the rope.

5. Hold together the four parts with paper tape at 35 mm from the edge.

6. Sew the parts together using the method explained on the left.

Watch Out: The sewing is done at 1 to 1,5 mm from the edge.

7. Remove the paper tape.

8. Insert the rope with the use of a stopper needle twice through the opening.

9. Make a knot using both ends of the rope. Cut the ends at 5 mm and burn the knot tight.

10. Repeat all this for the other handle.

Watch out: Both handles should be exactly the same length.